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SFV Checker Editor's Review

A Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is a type of hash function used to produce a checksum. SFV Checker uses CRC32 technology to check your files and notify you of any corrupt files. SFV is an abbreviation for Simple File Verification, a checksum format using the CRC32 algorithm to verify the integrity of files. The fact that a file's checksum corresponds with the SFV checksum is no guarantee that the file has not been tampered with. However, SFV is well suited to detect 'random' changes.

This program is a graphical tool for generating and verifying checksums of files. The information about each file is saved using SFV format. This info is useful for checking these files later. SFV Checker highlights the files, which have changed their checksum since the last scan.

The overall performance is satisfactory. You only have to wait a couple of moments until the program generates checksums. I don't like that the interface stops responding when you clear many items from a list that shows each file's checksum.

Pluses: The program has an extra feature which enables you to automatically rename files with extensions like .001, .002, .003, … into .rar, .r00, r01 and so on.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: If you need to see what files were modified on your system, SFV Checker might be a solution. Anyway, before you buy it, I suggest you also try some free programs that do the same thing (for example: SFVManager).

version reviewed: 1.2

SFV Checker Publisher's Description

SFV Checker uses CRC-32 technology to check each file and notifies you of any potentially bad, corrupt, incorrect size or missing files to save you hours of downloading only to find you have 1 file missing or the last file has a CRC checksum error.
The CRC value comparison is done by using a standard SFV file. If an SFV file is not available, you can...

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